Friday, April 6, 2012

We are focusing on staying healthy right now as we count down to surgery day on April 25th.  Just one year ago today, we were on our way to the Outer Banks, NC for our family trip before her big surgery on May 12.  We weren't even sure what life today would be like with her.  Today she is not only here, but she is doing great.  This week at her appointment with her developmental therapist, she said 38 words.  Whatever she is lacking in motor skills, she is making up for with cognitive skills.  She's my smarty pants.  I have to say that she has developed quite the little attitude as well.  It is spunky enough to drive me to the edge one second and then have me laughing the next.  It's Kendall's world, we just live here.

I am on heightened alert right now because I'm afraid she is developing something again.  She's been up a lot the past few nights and I'm noticing a few things.  I'm worried she is getting another kidney infection.  I'm hoping it is not and am going to hold of doing anything about it until after the weekend.  I hate to cath her until I'm certain it is needed.

Braden has been on spring break this week.  We have been enjoying having him home with us, although my ear are always tired by noon.  I think he must like to see how many words he can fill each minute with. I took the kids to the Children's Museum yesterday, which is always a nightmare for me.  It's like a breeding ground for weird illnesses.  We went on probably the busiest day in history.  I managed to bribe Braden with a toy from the gift shop and got out of there in under 2 hours.  

A few more good ones of the kids.

She may look like she is eating quite a bit here but pictures can be deceiving.  A few bites in all we get.


  1. They both look so happy! I know another person that went to The Children's Museum yesterday...they said the same thing.

    Wishing Kendall the best of luck with this next surgery. What is the surgery for?

  2. The pictures are wonderful. They are both beautiful. Kendall amazes me and makes me smile. Sending hugs and prayers, as always.
    Love, Diana