Friday, May 4, 2012

And she's back!

Last night Kendall was back to her normal sleep, just up about 4 times.  Her little personality is 100% back.  Her voice is so cute because she is still a little hoarse.  It is probably left over from so much screaming plus the breathing tube during surgery.

She pushed up again this morning while watching cartoons.  I can't keep this girl down!  I'm not about to tell her no after months and months of trying to get her strong enough.

Here is a picture from last night that pretty much sums up our mealtime most nights.  Kendall's foot must always be on the table,   Braden has to always be in a picture, and someone put a Cheeto in my drink.

Have a great weekend.  Kendall and I go back down to Cincinnati on Monday to have stitches removed.  Please pray she tolerates it well.


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  1. Love the pic! Glad she is doing so much better!!