Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cupid shoots and scores for Tumors

Had to give a quick update with this news flash.  Yesterday, we were lucky enough to participate in the 2nd annual (1st year in Cincinnati) Cupid's Undie Run.  This is an event started in D.C. that has spread to 5 cities across the country this year.  It's sole purpose is to raise money and awareness about the Children's Tumor Foundation and NF among people who have absolutely no connection to it...that is, until they strip down to their undies!

Let me back up to my second sentence before I go any further here.  By "participate" I do not mean that I stripped and took a mile run in 20 degree weather.  I was fully clothed and manning the registration tables.

After the race was over, I was assisting in distributing people's belongings and holding up a brick wall.  Too bad for us, some people weren't so quick to want their belongings back (i.e. get dressed) so this task took a little longer than anticipated:)

Matt had the duty of watching the kids before the run.  We had 4 NF heroes there that were introduced about an hour before the runners went outside and stripped to their undies.  For those that CAME to the event in undies, Braden had his DS and was instructed to play it until told otherwise.  After the kids were introduced to the crowd, Matt came to the rescue and took our kids and the Markland kids back to the Markland house where he used his hypnotic powers to erase every memory of the day from the kids' brains...or at least I hope:)

Well, to sum up a very fun filled, entertaining, and energetic day, I am SOOOO excited to say that the event raised $400,000 nationwide for the Children's Tumor Foundation.  Yeah UNDIE RUN!  Everyone did such a wonderful job of fundraising.  Thank you so much to Justin from Crossfit, who planned the Cincinnati run.  He did such a fantastic job!!

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