Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post surgery day 1

Overall today Kendall has been a superstar.  We have been pushing her pain button less and less as the day goes on.  Last night was a little rough just because the nurse had to come in quite a bit to give medications and make noise.  Matt had a little heart to heart with her at some point in the night about the frequently loud interruptions and we have since learned we will have a different nurse tonight.  

Today Kendall has been awake for most of the time.  She still is required to lay flat but we can flip her from side to side.  She has been spending quite a bit of time watching her cartoons on net flicks on the iPad.  Thank goodness for technology.  Toys just don't seem to cut it for her like a good episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora.  

Here is a little video I shot of her today while she was being a little more vocal.  She started out the day very quiet and has since started voicing her opinions a little more

Today we also had the brace shop come and fit her for a custom brace.  This involved making a cast of her trunk.  We started with her on her back and then had to flip her to her stomach and mold the back portions.  Needless to say, she didn't' like it very much at all.  She tolerated it with just a quiet whine through it all to remind us that she was not happy about it.  I'm sure tomorrow she will be just as excited for them to put it on and make some last minute adjustments with the saw used for casts.  

Currently we are almost at her regular continuous rate on her tube feedings.  In the past, she has struggled with tolerating her feeds after surgeries.  She usually vomits quite a bit.  I'm not going to jinx myself and declare a victory yet, but so good.  I may just keep her continuous and worry about boluses when we get home.  She always does better at home.  

The plan for now is to keep her on her precedex to give her a little bit of sedation.  Surprisingly with this today, she still had a relatively "normal" schedule.  She took her long afternoon nap and was awake much of the rest of the day.  We will also keep her on the fentanyl.  There was talk of turning off the continuous drip and just letting us push the button when needed.  I always hate to make that change at nighttime though because my fingers don't push buttons during my sleep.  So far, the drip is still on.

Tomorrow at some point, we will go up to the regular floor.  As soon as we are off of the precedex and the fentanyl drip, she can come off of all the monitors.  At least that is my rule, hopefully they agree:)  Her arterial line was also removed today.  She has enjoyed having an arm available to reach for things and play with toys.  For most of the day she was stuck with an IV in her left arm and the A line in her right arm.  When we removed the pressure bandage after it was done bleeding, she then gave us her right arm to have us remove the IV.  We had to gently break the news to her that she wasn't getting that arm free anytime soon.  

So to sum up our day, overall...awesome.  

Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers!  
Love, Steph


  1. You have a VERY Precious little Angel! I've been keeping up with Kendall on CaringBridge. I have also been praying for y'all.
    May God keep on blessing & strengthing you, Sweet little Momma.

    Janet O. from AL

  2. Thank you Janet! WE think so too:)

  3. So glad things have gone well! Still thinking and praying for you!

  4. Thanks Jeannette!! Let me know if you want to drop by. We would love to see you!

  5. I loved the video! That was awesome--a treasure! She is a treasure. I know you know that. I can hear it in your voice when you speak to her. She may have gotten the short end on health and well-being, but she hit the jackpot with love and amazing parents! Hugs to all of you. Keep the updates coming! <3

  6. thanks for the update. I'll keep praying. She is so sweet. :)