Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sorry for the hiatus, I just haven't felt like writing much.
Kendall had her MIBG scan today.  We went down to Cincinnati yesterday for the injection.  She had the worst cold she's had in her 19 months here.  I was worried the anesthesiologist would refuse to sedate her with the cold she has, but we were told she should be fine getting the general anesthesia.
Today went ok.  She woke up very grumpy because they had to put the tube down her throat and give her other meds along with the propofol.  She started coughing during the scan so she had to be sedated even further.
We got home this afternoon around 4.  She started vomiting when we were within 5 minutes of home.  Then she spiked a fever of 102.6.  It has come down now with tylenol to 99 but I'm afraid it will creep back up in her sleep.
Surgery is scheduled for April 25th.  She will be in the hospital however long it takes her to recover.  She will then have to wear a hard shelled brace for 6-9 weeks afterwards.  Hopefully it will keep her scoliosis from getting worse with the surgery.  As it stands, she will have to get fusions and rods put in when she gets older due to the severe scoliosis.  We just need to prolong it as much as possible so her body is stronger.
The goal of the surgery is to take another tumor out of her lumbar spine.  It won't all be able to be removed because it extends out into her abdominal cavity.  It will grow back eventually.  All of the other tumors in her spine are small enough now that the risks would be too great to remove them.  She pretty much has them all through her lumbar spine.  It looks like the neurosurgeon will be in our lives as long as Kendall is here.
That's about it for now.
We are currently raising money again like we did last year for our walk.  We will be walking for Kendall since she can't walk for herself.  Please click here to make any donation to our cause.

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